What if??

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What if that day had passed differently? What if I had said something else? What if I had acted differently that day? What if…and the questions are endless!

These questions haunt us every single second once we encounter a major failure.Trust me I know exactly how it feels my friend. But I also know that these what ifs are lethal, they are killing you from inside. They hurt you more than anything else. They actually make you hollow from inside, creates a void inside you. I really want to ask you my friend, that why one should give any situation/person that much power,why let it destroy you, make you void? Do you realize that your what ifs are infinite and that those what ifs didn’t take place because they were never meant to be.

Many people wonder,think or rather overthink that what they did wrong that lead to failure. It’s perfectly okay to think, analyze your mistake so that you can do better next time, but overthinking about the situation/person only makes it worst. These  what ifs will only deteriorate your performance because over analyzing makes your weaker, it creates a sense of fear in you.

Instead of asking yourself what if you behaved differently or what you could change, ask yourself what if you didn’t have what you have right now? Embrace and be grateful my friend of what you have. Many people didn’t have even this much.

And once you have passed the initial threshold of what ifs, you’ll eventually reach a point where you can think about these what ifs in a positive way. What if that thing didn’t happen in my life, should I be able to learn that lesson ever?  This doesn’t come easy as it sounds I know, but just try to avoid all those negative what ifs for a while and if not today, not tomorrow or not within few days but trust me someday you’ll find some positive what if and then you’ll smile and say thank god that thing didn’t happen! So smile right now and have faith in that hidden meaning of why it didn’t happen.


Recharge yourself!!

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Do you recharge your phone every single time your display screen shows a low battery sign?

Of course yes! A silly question! But I know some people wait for that 1% sign to display or rather the phone to die out completely. Don’t feel bad, I am also one among them.

So the people (including me) who let their phones die out completely do you do this to yourself too??

Okay, let me explain. Things do take place in everyone’s lives whether good or bad, what’s important is to keep moving. Remember, stagnant water only produces algae. Recharge yourself with positivity. I know it is easier said than done, but look for those who are beneath you, realize that whatever is going on it is not the end of the world.

Some people recharge themselves as soon as they get a low battery sign while some wait to die out and here I am talking to all those who wait to die out. It’s okay even if you have waited but now get up and dress up. Do not lay back and I am sure each one of us (yes even I am with you) will untangle his/her problems. When J.K Rowling can get up for the 13th time, why can’t you? And here I am not talking about being stubborn about or after something. It’s okay if your circumstances do not allow you to be stubborn. All I am saying is Don’t give up on life. If something didn’t turn out well, explore some other thing. I know people who do not have the courage to fight their circumstances or some unfortunate ones do not even get a chance to fight their own life battles. It’s okay. If your circumstances do not change then remind yourself that you are happy with them because there are a lot more people who are less fortunate than you, ALWAYS.

Life is a beautiful journey; you are yet to experience a lot more. Don’t let yourself die so soon. Don’t let random people discourage you. Let people say a thousand things, say to yourself – I will recharge myself up. Will any of those people walk to your grave? I guess no. Only you will do that. Then why do those people matter anymore?

Okay here I want to share something; some fine day while I was traveling alone in a public transport, some minor incident took place with me (that I honestly don’t remember now). I was bothered about the fact that the fellow passengers might have noticed it. After some days I shared this incident with someone and then I came across  a valuable insight. That person asked me whether I would ever meet those people again. I said the obvious, no. That person then replied that if those people won’t meet me ever again then they shouldn’t even matter to me. Today I don’t even remember the incident but I do remember these words. The day you’ll believe, it matters only to me , will be the day you’ll be fully recharged. Every action of yours is important and relevant only for yourself.

In life also you’ll change places, move about in life, never will you face the same set of people again and if by the grace of god you do (which I hope you do not) face them throughout your life then you won’t face them once you are all set for your grave. Then why bother. Just relax and be the best version of yourself because you matter for  yourself !! Be cheerful enough so that other people get inquisitive about the reason behind your happiness.And lastly, trust your instincts and KEEP MOVING..

Confused about life?Decisions? Well,congrats you are growing up!

Have you ever felt like giving up? Ever had sleepless nights?Ever felt as if no one else is able to understand, as if you are surrounded by solitude? Let me remind you then my friend that this is life. It wasn’t meant to be easy.

If you feel you are the only one out there landing up in depression or some sort of anxiety issues, look around yourself my friend. And by look I do not mean to have a glance,by look I mean to observe. Each one of us is fighting his/her own inner demons,then how are you different? From Abraham Lincoln, Sigmund Fraud to Angeline Jolie, Brad Pitt, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Deepika Padukone  to your favorite superstars or maybe role models,all have suffered through this. The list is countless. Feel happy to have entered the list and share it with such great names. Trust me, it is okay to not feel okay.

By the way I forgot to congratulate you. Congratulations! Yes, you read that right! I want to congratulate you my friend.You are mature enough to think deeply about your life,your decisions and what all went wrong. This is a phase and this too shall pass.What’s important through all of this is to have faith, believe in yourself. Talk to your closed ones but don’t look for people to console you. The more you look out for others,the more you feel dependent. Talking about the situation is a good thing but make sure of two things. First, that it takes place with the right people that is people who are close enough to understand your situation and second, that you do not feel dependent in any way. Being dependent is something that makes you weaker. And even if you don’t find the right people to talk to that is a good situation to be in. You’ll get the opportunity to spend time with yourself. Read,write,sing,dance your heart out. If none of these is  your kind of thing then go for a walk in a park. Breathe in the fresh air and release your stress. Don’t keep it inside!

As I said this phase is something you should be happy about. You are matured! But ironically deal with it like a child would have. Just try not to let those things matter anymore and be carefree. Be as lively as you can and exhale anxiety. And lastly,as I read somewhere, start to pretend. Pretend my friend that you are happy. Believe me you will eventually forget you are pretending. Things will become positive,just a little perseverance. Believe in this universe if not god. Believe that something better is coming for you. Believe that it happened for a reason. Believe in your journey. Believe in miracles. Start to believe..